Strike a Chord for Re-Birth 2012

Clearly, Barbara Marx Hubbard’s message is striking a chord. More than 20,000 people from around the world have said YES to coming together, setting powerful new intentions for our future and co-creating and celebrating our emerging new era via the Birth 2012 vision.

And, now, Barbara would like to expand on her vision for humanity and how YOU can give your greatest gifts with a free live worldwide videocast this Saturday at 11:00am Pacific.

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What’s particularly special about this global gathering is that Barbara will be inviting you into the most sacred place in her home where she meditates – her “evolutionary monastery” as she calls it.

She’s never broadcast from this location before. But she felt called to share from her inner sanctum because the message of our global birth is so important, and she’s committed to activating the Shift now and calling YOU to be part of creating this collective evolutionary leap.

This is an opportunity for you to enter into a deeper state of resonance with Barbara and the vision for co-creating a planetary Birth Day event on Dec. 22, 2012: a global event that links millions of people in thousands of local events, all coming together to create a field of connection, heart resonance and possibility for a new era.

As someone recently said on our Facebook page, “Finally, an organized call to open and gather our genius in order to pioneer an unprecedented co-shaping of our world and of ourselves!”

We want to gather YOUR genius, too. So do join us on Saturday and hear Barbara reveal more of the vision for our emerging era of peace, sustainability and prosperity. We want to mobilize your creativity and energy to create something truly spectacular.

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