Meditating to Clear the Mind, Ease the Body and Soothe the Soul

In the free special report “Meditating to Clear the Mind, Ease the Body and Soothe the Soul: How to Get Started, Deepen Your Practice and Enhance Your Benefits With Meditation“, you will learn about:

1.        Clearing the Mind. Want to know what the hardest part of meditation is? Here’s a hint: It has nothing to do with meditation at all! Meditation will help you keep a peaceful perspective on life and can tell you a lot of things about your true self. You can use it to relax, motivate, or energize yourself, depending on your purpose for each session. As you get more experienced with meditation, a more joyful and peaceful life will be yours!

2.         Top 3 Meditation Techniques. Meditation dates back several hundreds of years. When someone mentions meditation, an image of monks in dark robes sitting for hours in silence may come to mind, but this is not the case. Meditation is mainstream and its benefits are for everyone! Once you practice meditation, you’ll develop preferences customized for your own mind and body. Find your balance and create your own meditation style if that’s what works best for you.

3.         How Meditating Can Ease Anxiety. The fast-paced, hectic world we live in is fraught with situations that can cause us to feel an unhealthy amount of stress. This stress sometimes develops into, or manifests itself as, worries and fears, leading to feelings of anxiety. Have you fallen into this frustrating path? With meditation and other methods, if necessary, you can make your feelings of anxiety become a faint memory of the past. Be proactive about creating a life free from fears or worries, and start meditating today so you can look forward to a bright future!

4.         Practicing the Art of Non-Reaction with Meditation. Non-reaction is a practice that can benefit you and the people around you in many ways. Using deep breathing and meditation, you can learn to respond effectively to the stresses in your life instead of overreacting to them. In the meantime, take a few minutes today to breathe deeply, clear your mind of the day’s worries, and relax. Do the same tomorrow and the next day. The more you do, the better you’ll become at non-reaction!

5.         Practicing the Art of Walking Meditation. The art of walking meditation is not as well-known as traditional methods of meditation where you sit or lie down, sometimes assuming and maintaining a specified posture. However, walking meditation can prove to be more accessible and easier to renew your inspiration and energy. With continued practice, you’ll find a powerful tool in your life that can calm, refresh, inspire, and motivate you wherever you go!

6.         How to Deepen your Meditation Practice. Once you begin your journey into meditation, you soon discover the power that it has to reveal truth and peace in your life. In a fast paced world where everything seems to get faster and more complicated, it’s important to deepen your practice with meditation. The most important thing you need to do is keep up with your practice. You can then tweak any other aspect of meditation that you feel needs adjusting. However, you may find that you simply evolve without much effort as you continue your meditative journey.

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However, all of this is just the beginning. If you’d like to know more about starting or deepening your own meditation practice and discover ways to enhance your meditation experience and the benefits that flow from meditation, then you may find the following resources useful:

Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

If you are looking for prehistoric binaural beats, a guy plucking his single guitar string for an hour pretending to play a sitar, or some music that sounds like it has been produced on a 1980′s gardening show, then move on… This site will give you something VERY different. Something extremely POWERFUL…

“I listened to your free sample, I had not slept that well in a few weeks and I woke refreshed; actually was surprised to feel that way” – Connie Shoemaker

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Guided Meditations

Downloads for Relaxation and Healing. We’ve been in the business of making guided meditations for over 30 years! We’ve sold well over 100,000 copies of our recordings in cassette and CD form, and now in downloads. And we’ve helped and been thanked by many, many people over the years! Our founder, Max Highstein, has created dozens of guided meditations, always of the highest quality.

“PRICELESS INVESTMENT! I own many guided meditation and imagery CDs, … the extremely soothing music combined with the equally calming narration helps reduce my life stresses tremendously! Furthermore, I am unfortunately dealing with chronic pain from a bad motorcycle accident years ago, and I find that especially “The Healing Well” soothes my mind and subsquently decreases the level of my pain. I highly recommend “The Healing Well” for anyone like me dealing with life stress and/or chronic pain. A great investment, and absolutely invaluable for the mind and soul!”

Download Free Guided Meditation

The Best Of Christian Meditation & Relaxation

Create Greater Intimacy with God. These guided meditations begin with a progressive relaxation followed by uplifting scriptures, bible affirmations, and stories all set to soothing background music. These meditation recordings allow you to experience the benefits of meditation in a way that completely honors your Christian faith.

“The Christian meditations have been wonderful. They help me slow down enough to fully let God in, and I am able to stay more centered and focused throughout my days. I have been sharing them with a prayer group at my children’s school, and after a long period of stagnation, we have had 7 new visitors by word of mouth because they are enjoying this type of prayer so much. Even the children in the classroom like the meditations during rest time and have requested them instead of their usual classical music. I can say the work you have done has blessed my life, and blessed those whom with I share it. Thank you for being one of the pioneers in bringing this type of prayer to others through your outreach.” – Liz Greenwell

Listen to free samples online

The Brainwave Power Pack

21 Binaural Beats Tracks In One Pack! Download the most effective brainwave entrainment technology, designed to take care of 19 common ailments. SPECIAL OFFER: Now with 2 additional tracks and 5 free e-books.

This program uses the latest technology in brainwave entrainment, developed by Jim Carr, a man who has dedicated his life to advancing the field of binaural beats. The Brainwave Power Pack contains 19 different audio tracks, each of them being embedded with binaural beats designed to help you get rid of a particular symptom, such as headaches or hair loss, or to help you improve a specific area of your life, for example your leadership skills or your creativity.

“I work in a highly competitive environment. When my former boss retired, I was asked to replace him and manage a team of over 20 salesmen. I was not prepared for it and the first few months were tough on me and on my team. Then one of my friends introduced me to the Brainwave Power Pack and I spent the next few weeks listening to the track named “Being a leader.” It helped me tremendously and I now feel more confident when managing my team.” – Malik, Chicago

Listen to a free sample online

Mindful Awareness Training System 2.0

Inner peace, clarity of mind and deep awareness are suddenly so much easier to achieve when you discover how to unleash the real power of meditation.

The MATS consists of 12 exercises recorded in MP3 format (plus a few other bonuses). With an average length of around 11 and a half minutes you’ll actually be able to find the time to listen to each exercise, learn the techniques and lessons, apply them immediately and experience the benefits straight away. This is experiential learning at its very best.

“I’ve studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Positive Psychology since 2000 in addition to my degree in Philosophy and Psychology. There is no doubt I’ve benefited a lot from studying those disciplines, and when it came to having a positive mental attitude I thought I was set. But one day I made a shocking discovery that showed me that my mindset was not as positive as I had thought… I was accidentally hypnotizing myself into a negative state… and YOU are doing the same to yourself every single day.”

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11 X Guided Meditations For Spiritual Growth + 18 Free Ebooks

If you are specifically interested in Guided Meditation, view the menu of all the free and packaged meditations on the site, which cover Spiritual Growth, Physical Relaxation, Psychic Development and Peace of Mind for both Beginner and Advanced meditators.

“I am so grateful to the Universe for guiding me to your website. I want to thank you for all your efforts to help people find healing in their lives. Your voice is so perfectly clear and soothing. The newsletters are great too. The one I received today was just the absolutely perfect one since I am dealing with particularly distressing issue. The chakra balancing seems like a good way for me to heal the distress I have been feeling. I love your website.” – Barbara, USA.

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Learn How To Meditate Program – Beginner’s Meditation

Enjoy all the wonderful benefits of meditation by learning how to meditate from master meditation teacher Anmol Mehta.

The program teaches the best meditation techniques. These include Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mind Meditation as well as other meditations such as Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Concentration Meditation, Light Meditation, etc. Having a personal meditation practice is the key to living a joyful, healthy and peaceful life full of wisdom and compassion.

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