Happiness Is a Matter of Mind

Abraham Lincoln expressed it with typical wit and style when he said that “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Happiness is inside you. It is in your mind. If you think you are happy, you are.

Just by thinking you can make yourself happy or unhappy. Be positive, be optimistic, see the brighter side of life and you are always happy. Mind has power over matter. Just by thinking of good things, you can make good things happen and make you happy.

See the rose, not the thorns; see light, not the shadow; see half-full, not half-empty.

Though you could be infinitely happy by just enjoying nature and family and all the man-made things available to you, there are still millions of people who are unhappy.

You see that the mere availability and abundance of given and man-made things is not enough to sustain happiness. There is something else needed to be happy. Of course, it is your mind that must have a right attitude towards and capacity to be happy.

You can give countless examples of how the mind can influence your body –

  • Pavlov’s dog salivates at the sound of the bell without any food in sight.
  • When you are tense you often get headaches, backaches, etc.
  • Heart attacks are often directly linked to, or made more severe by, worry and tension.
  • The right mental attitude helps in curing many physical illnesses.
  • By self-talk, motivation, and a positive attitude you can become happy and successful.
  • Through meditation you can have a healthy body and develop your extra sensory abilities.

Your mind has extra-ordinary powers and as far as happiness is concerned it has the ultimate power.

Whatever your circumstances, you are always free to be happy in your own mind! Master happiness in your own mind and it is impossible to be vanquished by anybody, any authority, or whatever conditions or situations arise in your life.

Have a positive attitude towards life. Instead of concentrating on bad things in life and people, concentrate on their redeeming features. Learn what you can from past failures and bad experiences and be encouraged by your success and good experiences. Similarly, plan and work as well as you can for your desired future and expect it to be as good as it can be.

All good things,

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