Be a Change Agent for 2012

I have been getting a lot of buzz lately about change agents.  Basically, a change agent is a skilled facilitator who gives guidance and support to individuals and groups undergoing transition and transformation.

The Shift Network, with Barbara Marx Hubbard, is launching a program to prepare and mobilize a global network of Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACEs) who will be change agents leading up to and following the evolutionary shifts anticipated around 2012.

The way we see the world creates much of our reality. Understanding the worldview of conscious evolution and its deeper dynamics can help catalyze a global paradigm shift as well as rapidly change your own life.

The Conscious Evolutionary Worldview

Genes create bodies. Memes create cultures. And the ever building buzz about 2012 calls for a new planetary culture, which means a new set of memes based on conscious evolution.

We are all called to co-create our new humanity and our new world. Now is the time to learn to embody, communicate and apply the emerging conscious evolutionary worldview.

According to the Shift Network, “You CAN learn to become a powerful catalyst of conscious evolution and play a role in one of the most exciting events ever envisioned: a planetary Birth Day on December 22, 2012. This day will help us shift beyond fearful separation toward a global sense of oneness, symbolically marking the start of a new era in human development.”

They now offer an unprecedented 12-week training with one of today’s greatest and most empowering pioneers: Barbara Marx Hubbard, the woman who Deepak Chopra calls “the voice for conscious evolution in our times.”

The Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) training offers you an in-depth understanding of key “mother memes” for the new worldview, designed for a new era (and an evolving you).

By completing the Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training, you will:

  • Become a communicator of the new world view of conscious evolution by embodying it within yourself.
  • Hone your gifts and fully realize your authentic leadership in the collective shift underway.
  • Gain the skills needed to catalyze transformation within yourself, your family and others in your sphere – leading to evolutionary vision and action.
  • Learn to create resonance with two or more people in order to lead and facilitate evolutionary and transformative processes.
  • Gain mastery in affecting your own reality and everything around you, joyfully co-creating our emerging new world.
  • Connect and synergize with a global community of change leaders and discover how your calling fits within a larger whole.
  • Become an evolutionary mystic and learn to shift from ego to essence.
  • Identify and prepare for your perfect role in the Birth 2012 events next year.

All good things,

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