Accelerate Your Learning With Subliminals

Ever wonder how a song gets stuck in your head even if you hate the song and try your best not to pay attention to it? Somehow, the catchy chorus of the song finds its way into your subconscious and just won’t quit or leave.

What about words? Have you wondered how a certain word came into your vocabulary even though you don’t remember trying to memorize the word or use it purposefully? You probably heard the word somewhere – maybe at work, or from your friends, or even from the TV or the radio, and suddenly, poof, it’s made permanent residence in your head – without your intent or even your noticing.

Now, looking at these examples, people have begun to wonder about the possibilities if we could push the envelop and take advantage of this particular quirk in your learning process to somehow “accelerate” the rate of learning.

Welcome to the wonderful world of subliminal learning.

Subliminal learning is the use of techniques that allow you to learn even without any conscious effort at all. It does this by exposing you to stimuli that you are barely aware of – images that flash on the screen for barely perceptible moments, words played over and over again at a volume just above the hearing threshold, or other such stimuli. The discovery of such methods has aroused the excitement of many people because of its potential to boost the learning process and make acquiring new skills both less painstaking and more effective.

The possibilities are definitely boundless. Just imagine. If this works, you would be able to learn new things without having to buckle down and do the dirty work. For example, it has been argued that learning a language is theoretically possible using subliminal techniques – no need for books, teachers, and other learning implements, except for your subliminal learning equipment. You also won’t have to lose time to practice tedious language lessons. You could have your subliminal equipment on while you do other things – and in some programs – even while you sleep.

Some common applications of subliminal learning include new languages, vocabulary skills, music, and even behavior modification programs.

It may seem ridiculous at first, but once you get a good grasp of the theories of learning – plus the potential and limitations of subliminal learning – you will find out that it really is plausible after all. For example, there are actually things you do every day that you learn even if you don’t expend a lot of conscious effort to do so.

Scientists have been digging hard and thorough on the subject of subliminal learning. Although it is theoretically possible to have such techniques do much for accelerated learning, there will always be skeptics who look for empirical proof from scientific studies before even considering subliminal learning. Little by little, these scientists have come to learn more about how we process and store knowledge, and are receiving heartening results from their studies on subliminal learning.

On a small scale, they are convinced that some skills can be learned through subliminal learning – especially those that are not “high-process” such as patterns, words, numbers, and other easy to process visual data. Other skills such as languages and mathematics are “high-process” skills that require full attention and thought when learning and using. However, your rate of learning and retention of these skills can still be improved by combining traditional approaches with subliminal learning.

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